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Autumn 2017

Meet The Teacher

  As part of our study of the 1960s, we learned about the drowning of Capel Celyn in order to create a reservoir to supply Liverpool with water. We wrote poems where we wrote our thoughts and emotions as we tried to imagine what it would have been like for the people who lived there.


Capel Celyn

I was thinking about my friends in

Capel Celyn

It was flooded some years ago

I still remember all the good times,

The good times playing football

It was devastating in the end.

As it was being bulldozed we had to move away because

the village would be drowned.

I was confused and worried.

As violent machines dug into the landscape.

Furniture was removed from houses.

I stared with anger and frustration.

I missed running along the

Stepping stones

Watching the geese waddle,

But people started moving away,

Children walked out of the school for the last time.

People locking their doors for the last time

Looked back at all those memories.

Farm animals were being sold and camper vans arrived

With workers for the worksite

After, there was nothing

Just a big lake

The ducks floated, the fish swam

But all the good times sunk and drowned.

I still remember all my friends even now

The postman delivering the mail,

My teacher,

The Frenchman selling the onions on his bike

Sometimes I forget we’ve moved-

Probably just the good times rippling through

My mind.

          By Alex T.


I was thinking about my village

Capel Celyn

It was drowned a while ago

I miss my home and friends

All my memories washed away.

The destructive machines crashing down

Monstrous noises confused me

While all the crashing went on

Before the devastation memories

Came rushing trough my head

Rolling mountains the valley

The steam train’s hoot hidden away

Playing with all my friends

The river and stream rushing sound

The postman’s big smile and whistling

My first word in the house

And my cosy warm home


You know sometimes I think I hear

Outside the window

The postman’s whistle but

Its just the wind rippling through my memories



By Rosie A. 


I was thinking about my home

Capel- Celyn.

It was drowned a while ago as I watched

But you still remember the village don’t you?

It was heart breaking at the end.

It was confusing

As the machines were breaking it apart

diggers digging it up

But I was thinking about the good times

When the river was flowing across the rocks

When I leapt over the stones in the river.

The cows lying on the grass,

And the postman delivering the letters.

Sheep toddling across the field,

Horses nibbling the grass.

Children playing in the garden,

Children sewing in the school

And geese waddling.

You know, sometimes I think I hear flowing in my mind.

I forget it’s gone.

The happy, friendly, caring village.

In the lost valley



By Bence J. 



I was thinking about my village

Capel Celyn

That was flooded a while ago

But you still remember all the fun times , don’t you?

The fun times that we had living there.

It was tragic at the end.

I saw diggers

Destroying peoples homes

Like huge heavy monsters .

But I was thinking about the good times.

When the white sheep wandering over the green hills

At Capel Celyn .

And geese tootled behind each other in the grass.

Children had fun in school sewing, cutting out

pretty paper shapes

As the teacher watched them.

I heard The postman whistling down the street

As children splashed over stepping stones.

You know sometimes I think I hear laughing

In the playground

I forget it’s gone

Just the memories of the past

And the fun times.


By Scarlett D. 


Capel Celyn

I was thinking about my home

In Capel Celyn.

It got drowned a while back

But you still remember your village don't you?

It was a bad idea at the end

They bulldozed the chapel

We struggled to remove our furniture.

And the happy village shop crushed.

But I was thinking about the good times

When I was racing over the stones

At the river

And the whistling train passing by

The smiling postman and his shining van

The free animals

And the waddling ducks

The schools song

And the friends we all have

Friends that you will never see again

You know sometimes I think I hear bells

Down the lane

I forget it's destroyed

The sad memories



By Sam T. 



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