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Spring 2018

This term we will be exploring different ways technology can be used to improve our daily lives. In addition we will be exploring how the digital world can create different creative worlds. 


Digital Art

Digital Art 1
Digital Art 2
Digital Art 3
Digital Art 4
Digital Art 5

As part of our Healthy Schools week, Year 4/5 have been thinking about how the relative sizes of our hands, feet and legs might give us an advantage in certain sporting activities. 















































We were also grateful to the Bishopston First Responders who came to train us how to give CPR.







A fantastic effort by everyone, thank you! 

Maths: Problem Solving

Maths: Problem Solving 1
Maths: Problem Solving 2
Maths: Problem Solving 3
Maths: Problem Solving 4
Maths: Problem Solving 5
Maths: Problem Solving 6
Maths: Problem Solving 7
Maths: Problem Solving 8
Maths: Problem Solving 9

We enjoyed learning about Holy Week in RE. Pasg Hapus pawb. 


Picture 1 The Jewish Passover Festival (Pesach)
Picture 2 The Seder Plate
Picture 3 Charoset
Picture 4 Charoset and Matzos
Picture 5 The Stations of the Cross (Good Friday)
Picture 6 We think about times when we have been hurt
Picture 7 Beth ydych chi'n teimlo...?
Picture 8 How do you feel when...?
Picture 9 Hot Cross Buns. Mmmm blasus iawn!
Picture 10 We find out about Easter Island using atlases...
Picture 11 ...and ICT skills.Mae'n ddiddorol wrth cwrs!
Picture 12 Egg Rolling Fun- Pasg Hapus!
Picture 13 Waw- bendigedig!
Picture 14 Ymdrech da!
Picture 15 Da iawn pawb a llongyfarchiadau.