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Autumn 2018

Meet The Teacher

What a wonderful World

In the Autumn term our topic was "Wonders of the World".  We learned all about the ancient and modern wonders of the world and created i-movies. The Taj Mahal was a really interesting building and has horrible story behind it.  We really enjoyed learning about the Wonders of the World.


We also went on a trip to Caswell Bay.  We were thinking about the environment so we didn't take the bus and walked instead.


When we got there we were handed litter pickers, gloves and a chart to tally the different types of rubbish.  We worked in groups making sure we were taking turns and collecting as much rubbish as we could.  We used some of the rubbish as part of recycling display when we came back to school.


We were surprised to see how much rubbish was across the beach and beneath the sea.  We collected bags and bags of rubbish.  After that we made sculptures from things we found on the beach.


We had so much fun.


Holly, Aimee-beth and Rosie

Near the start of year 5 we went on our residential to Borfa House.  We had so much fun and learned loads of cool things.


We did so many different things including body boarding, orienteering, playing on the sand dunes, making dens, exploring the salt house and rock hopping.  In the evenings we all came together and had hot chocolate, watching films and eating sweets!


We had an amazing time.


Caitlin, Scarlett and Lani