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Growing Things

This project has a science focus and teaches the children about
the life cycle of plants, the conditions needed for growth
and the names of parts of plants. At the heart of this project
children will learn how to write simple reports and develop
additional skills in sentence writing, labelling and recording
ideas and first hand experiences.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and
understanding by developing an area of the school grounds.
In this project the children will learn:
• The names of the parts of plants and how they grow;
• How different plants need different places to grow in
different parts of the world;
• How to carry out fair tests and make accurate measurements;
• How to find information from different sources;
• How to write a report and present information, including
illustrations and photographs;
• How artists draw plants, how plants are represented in art
and how to make observational drawings of plants;
• How to collaborate together in a team.