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20th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,


From Monday 23rd March schools are going to be repurposed to provide emergency childcare for the children of key workers in the first instance. The definition of key worker at present in Swansea are those who work for the emergency services “blue light services” e.g. NHS staff/Police/Fire service/Prison workers/social workers/school workers. To access this provision both parents/carers and a single parent/carer need to be an essential worker as defined above.


To address this need schools are working as clusters. In the Bishop Gore Cluster the emergency child care hubs will be:


  • Bishop Gore School
  • Whitestone Primary
  • Blaenymaes Primary
  • Portmead Primary


These emergency child care hubs will open form 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday for children aged 3-14 years of age. This will be a drop-in facility.


Please can you ensure, especially if your child is coming in for the full day and has special dietary needs that they bring lunch, snacks and drinks, unless they are entitled to free school meals. The emergency child care hubs will provide breakfast, lunch and snacks free of charge for FSM pupils.


The hubs will be in place for the duration of the crisis we are facing and it is anticipated that all schools in the cluster will return to normal working at some point in the future.


Parents/Carers will be required to complete a registration form on arrival so that contact details can be provided at the relevant hub. Parents/Carers will also be required to provide id/evidence that they are a key worker as defined above. You will need to sign your child in and out every day at reception.  


We need to stress that this is an emergency childcare service, whilst you are working.  We also need to stress that this is childcare provision and not formal education.


Please note that full school uniform will not be necessary during this time and that comfortable, practical clothing would be advised, as children will be engaging in a range of activities including the outdoors.


All arrangements will be reviewed daily to address the changing needs.


If you need any further information regarding ‘Coronavirus’ and strategies to prevent its spread please go to


Yours sincerely,



Mrs B Peterson