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Spring 2019

During the spring term our topic was "Dream a Druid"  and focused on the Celts.  We went on Celtic themed trips, made and tested Celtic weapons and learned about how to cook bread on an open fire.


After Christmas we went to Castell Henllys.  When we were there we made part of a round house using wattle and daub.  We also learned about how the Celts lived and had our faces painted like the Celts when they were going into battle.


We also went into our woodland area.  We made a fire pit in the ground and cooked food over it like the Celts would have done.  We also built Celtic style buildings and baked and tasked bread.


We explored the properties of wood and made bow and arrows out of willow that we harvested from the woods.  Then we tested how far it went and experienced life as a Celt.