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Summer 2018

Welcome Back to school. We are looking forward to learning about our new topic Bounce this term and hoping to be bouncing in the glorious Mumbles sunshine!


This project has a Physical Development focus and enables children to develop their fine and gross motor skills through a range of games and activities that build up their communication and social skills, working with a partner or as part of a team. 

In this project children will learn about:
• Using their bodies in different ways for sports, games and physical play
• Different types of sports and sporting equipment
• Different types of balls and equipment move across different surfaces
• Creating patterns and sequences with balls and other sporting equipment
• Animals that bounce, leap, jump and roll
• Fast and slow, near and far
• Recording their ideas and experiences through mark making, talk and writing
• Counting points to 10 or 20
• Working with a partner or as part of a team
• Expressing themselves creatively using a range of different media
• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences both in the indoor and outdoor environment.