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Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term 2019

Cornerstones topic: 'Happiness'.


This project has a Health and Well-being focus and teaches children about the importance of happiness, health, well-being and celebrations.

At the heart of this project children will write explanation texts and develop additional skills of sentence writing, use of adjectives and writing to record ideas and experiences.

During this term, children will learn:
• How to understand and respect their own feelings and the feelings of others;
• How eating healthy and exercising regularly can affect your well being;
• How to keep safe, happy and well;
• About significant happy life events and how they are celebrated.


Health and Well-being

Rights Respecting

Pupil voice

Healthy eating

Exercising regularly

Learn about making friendships and caring for our loved ones

Language, Literacy and Communication

Read Write Inc.

Letter formations and entry joins

Welsh vocabulary and songs

Writing a party invitation 

Read stories with happy endings

Mathematics and Numeracy

Collect data about what makes others happy and create a chart

Expressive Arts

Music and singing

Expressing emotions through drama, art and music

Create dance routines and have a dance party

Listen to music that makes us happy

Science and technology

Use ICT to take pictures of facial expressions

Make a map of their 'perfect town'

Look at places in the local area which makes them happy

Recount happy experiences


Role Play for Autumn Term - McDonald's


To begin our 'Happiness' topic, we discussed what makes us happy and different activities we enjoy. We thought about places which we enjoy going to and had a class vote to decide what our role play area should be.

The overwhelming winner was....




Thanks to donations from McDonald's Penllergaer and the children's contributions, our role play looks fantastic for all to enjoy! We will use money to buy our food, discuss healthy alternatives and the importance of a balanced diet, and work as a team to cook and provide delicious food and service for our customers!