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Croeso i'r Dosbarth Meithrin


Our Nursery Class

Foundation Phase Team:



A letter to all Parents from Mrs Peterson regarding school return dates.

Autumn Term Dates

Please check the day and time we will be welcoming your child back to school.

Please read below the term start dates for September:

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Year 1 & 2 8.30-3.00pm
Year 3 & 4 8.50-3.20pm
Year 4 & 5 8.30- 3.00pm
JSTF 9.00-3.30pm


Friday 4th September 2020

Nursery 9.00-12.00pm
Reception/ Year 1 8.40-3.10pm
Year 6 8.50-3.20pm
ISTF 9.00-3.30pm


We look forward to welcoming all children back to school on Monday 7th September 2020.


Please find below our Welcome Pack for all our Whitestone Primary

Nursery Parents and Pupils 2020-2021 

School Uniform Shop link to website for J&S Products


Child's Play After School Care Contact Details

Please contact Sam Smith to book a place from September

Our Whole School Class Topic for September will be based on the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Welcome to the Summer Term!




Dear Parents/Guardians,


Summer Term has started today and we miss you all so very much!  I am super proud of you for working hard on your challenges and activities at home and for sharing your work/secret missions with me, it makes me happy every time I see all your amazing work and I really loved seeing all your rainbow artwork last week. Thank you to all our parents and guardians for sharing the children's outcomes, as we understand how busy everything can be right now trying to juggle it all. 


Please see the new challenges and resources below for the week ahead and do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything or want to share some of the children's learning experiences. My email is


Stay safe and we will see you all soon


Mrs Lewis

July 2020

Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks

Thank you to all our incredible parents and pupils, for all your outstanding contributions to our school community during lockdown. 


Nursery Class

Home Schooling Tasks for the

Week beginning 13.7.20

Please keep sharing photos of all your learning tasks

with Mrs Lewis at



Dear Parents,

I really cannot believe it is our last week as the Rainbow Nursery Class of 2020.I really want to say a huge thank you to all the Nursery class parents who have supported us continuously throughout this year and during these unprecedented times, in all of our lives. Thank you to all the Nursery class families who have supported all the home learning tasks, your commitment to your child's education has been greatly appreciated, by all the staff. You are truly a fantastic community and one that I have been proud to be part of, during these challenging times. I hope all our wonderful families enjoy a relaxing and sunny Summer break and I look forward to seeing you and all the children, back at Whitestone Primary for a new term in September. Stay safe.


Diolch yn fawr a wela i chi cyn bo hir

Kindest regards

Mrs Lewis 



Language Literacy & Communication



Sound of the Week - ng

A little tip for creating the sound correctly - gently pinch your nose to say aloud the n sound and let go of your nose to produce g sound, try it out getting faster each time. It is a fun way to learn the sound together.



Jolly Phonics /ng/ - Sound, Song, Vocabulary and Blending

A comprehensive look at the /ng/ sound. This is to compliment the Jolly Phonics programme used by many schools around the world.

How to join cursive alphabet letters ng

Handwriting animation showing how to join cursive alphabet letters ng. Visit our website at for more tips on joining other cursive...

'ng' Phonics Sounds, word and picture examples | Read with Phonics | Sound Video

ABOUT MY ONLINE PHONICS GAMES All of my free online phonics games at require an internet connection to play. Teac...

Please choose 1 or 2 of the following tasks to aid learning our sound of the week ng.

Book of the Week




"I Am Absolutely Too Small for School" by Lauren Child | Read Along with WILF Books

Ready for bedtime? Here's "I Am Absolutely Too Small for School" by Lauren Child with Mia, a lovely story for 4-6 year-olds. :) --- We're WILF Books (www.wil...

Please can you choose 1 or 2 of the activities below to complete after the listening to our book of the week

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

By Lauren Child

Mathematical Development


Please find below a set of 6 revision mats for the Nursery class to revise some of the numeracy skills they have developed this year. Please choose 1 or more to complete.

Personal and Social Development,

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity


Please take a little time to complete this short book with your child in preparation for their return to school in September.

Please feel free to add any additional information on the back page.

Physical Development


Virtual Sports Day 2020

Please find below some resources and ideas for you to host an at home sports day. Please share any photos or videos you take of your virtual sports day activities.

Welsh Development


Have you met the Welsh Mr Men in the video below?

Mr Hapus-Mr Happy

Mr Trist-Mr Sad

Mr Tawel-Mr Quiet

Mr Swnllyd- Mr Noisy


Can you draw a picture of your favourite Welsh character?


Mr Hapus

Trefnwyd, perfformiwyd a chynhyrchwyd gan John Grindell

Creative Development


Can you listen to the song 'We're all going on a Summer holiday'

and complete one of the following creative tasks?


1. Can you create a dance to go with the song?

2. Can you draw or paint a picture of your ideal Summer holiday?

3. Can you play a homemade instrument along with the song?

Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday

Cliff Richard and the Shadows - Summer Holiday

Knowledge & Understanding of the World


Can you follow a simple homemade map to find hidden treasures buried in spaces and places around your home/garden, local beach or park ? You could provide children with tools to dig (outdoors with permission) where they find ‘X’ marks the spot!

Nursery Class

Home Schooling Tasks for the

Week beginning 6.7.20

Please keep sharing photos of all your learning tasks with Mrs Lewis at

All your hard work is so appreciated and seeing all your learning journeys at home is wonderful. Keep up all the hard work. We are missing your smiling faces and cannot wait to welcome you back to school soon.


Language Literacy & Communication 



th th -Jolly Phonics

Come and join Santina as she introduces the /th/ and /th/ sound using a story, song and air writing. For more information on Santina and Jolly Phonics please...

Alphablocks Series 3 - Thing

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Please choose 2 or 3 Sound of the Week challenges to complete from below.


Book of the Week


Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

Peace at Last

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy, brought to life by Simple Stories! Please visit our; Website - Facebook -

Mathematical Development-6.7.20

Size Ordering


Welsh Development 6.7.20




Following on from last week's work on our Welsh colours.

Here are the words to the song Lliwiau Enfys and the tune when you click on the link.

Can you join in the words or play an instrument to the tune? 

Can you colour the rainbow using the Welsh colour words?

Physical Development 


Knowledge & Understanding of the World


Inspired by our book of the week' Peace at Last'.

This week we will be learning all about sound.

What Do You Hear? | Animal Song | Super Simple Songs

Check out the Super Simple App for iOS! ► Listen. What do you hear? Name the animal by the sound it makes. Listen to Super Simple Son...

Can you complete a choosy sound challenge?

Guess the Sound Game | 20 Sounds to Guess

Guess the Sound Game | 20 Sounds to Guess Guess the sounds before the time runs out. Play 'Guess the Sound' with friends or family! ===== SUBSCRIBE: https://...

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being & Cultural Diversity


Please use the sheet enclosed to draw or write (or both) about your Nursery class 2020 memories .It would be realy lovely if you could share these with Mrs Lewis. Thank you in advance.


Creative Development-6.7.20

Can you listen the music clip enclosed? Is fast or slow?

Play the music again and draw or paint a picture while listening to the music play. There are no rules you can just paint or draw using your wonderful imaginations. I know these will be fabulous! I cannot wait to see the outcomes.

The Three Tenors in Concert 1994: Brindisi ("Libiamo ne' lieti calici") from La Traviata

The Three Tenors sing the famous brindisi from Verdi's La Traviata live in concert before the 1994 World Cup in Los Angeles. Celebrate the 25th anniversary o...

Nursery Class Home School Gallery

Can you spot all your friends?

How many did you count?

Harri's Assault Course

Still image for this video

Ellie's Knowledge & Understanding of the World Video

Still image for this video

Florence-Rose's Outdoor Adventures.

Still image for this video

Family Sports Day 2020 EG and family.

Still image for this video
This week Nursery were challenged to hold their own Sports Day at home. We just love this outcome. Super physical development skills are being demonstrated by all the family. Diolch yn fawr, EG and FG and their families.

Sports Day Part 2

Still image for this video

Sports Day Award Ceremony

Still image for this video
WOW! BP Lockdown learning
Reading ng words EG
Making memories HP & OP
Wow! Is that a dinosaur? HP
I can sing a rainbow!
d for dinosaur! HP
Letter formations. EG
HP's woodland throne.
Baking! MMM! Bendigedig!
Beautiful letters! EG
Fine motor skills fairies! FR
Space facts FR & Daddy.
A beautiful photo HP.
Our Maths wizard! NM
Sound of the Week Sh! FR
Gwaith Bendigedig HP!
Feeding the horses HP & OP.
A marvellous dino model HP!
I can write my name beautifully. EG
Nocturnal animal poster- great job! FG
Gwaith ffantastig! FR
Enjoying catching the waves! EG
Best Beach picture ever! EG
Finding sound of the week X all around us. FR
Our very own fitness expert TC. Go TC!
Qu for Queen NM! Amazing work!
W for a wonderful whale colouring EG!
Exploring Bishop's Wood with PL
Picking your own strawberries- great growing!
Green fingers outdoors! TC
Surf's up EG, FG and Mummy!
We love your castle FR!
Sound of the week Z. Diolch NM.
Mark making sound x in the sand. FR
Super fine motor skills shown here TA.
Dear Zoo activities FR, amazing!
Healthy eating in the sun TC!
Sound of the week Z! FR
On your marks, get set ,go! TC
Castle fit for a princess, EG gwaith iawn!
Creating your own play dough Wow!
Buzzing bee colouring!
Well done PL!
Ready for reading TA!
Baking for T's Birthday! Wow!
The Tiger Who came to Tea! Amazing!FR
Developing correct cutting skills NM! Brilliant!
Gwaith hyfryd!
W is for wagon ! Great fun EG!
Wow! TA pond dipping in the sun.
Thank you EG for your beautful artwork.
Amazing sound of the week writing RP!
Developing fine motor and sorting skills FR
Wonderful W sound work NM!
Marvellous Measures FR!
This boat is awesome! TA
Amazing yoga moves NM!
PL our Nursery Outdoor Explorer! Wow!
Perfect Pencil Control EH!
How far can you travel on your bikes?
Counting back from 5!  Amazing work FR.
Exercising at home! Great work RP!
CVC Words. Gwaith iawn!
Glow in the dark fun with TC.
Superb fine motor skills demonstrated here EG!
Perfect Pencil Control.
The amazing moving K'Nex mouse.Squeak squeak!
Horsey fun outdoors. Well done PL.
Y is Yoga! Bendigedig!
Amazing gardening from our birthday boy!TA
Under the sea fun at home! RP
Home school family fun- hyfryd pawb! RP
Creative Development- wonderful work! FR
Yummy, Minnie Mouse Lollies! FR
Learning sounds, ready for reading words.
Amazing work creating your own den. Da iawn TA!
The Easter Bunny has arrived.
Outdoor fun with my family RP.
Delicious Gingerbread People! NM
We're Going on a Tadpole Hunt!
Colour hunt fun in the sunshine!
Stained glass intial letter of names- wow!
Creative butterfly wings- gwaith hyfryd!
Home schooling fun, bendigedig!
Splashing around kicking my feet!
Beautiful bracelets outddor fun
We're Going on a Shape Hunt...
Amazing work at Mummy School!
Numicon egg fun- gwaith ffantastig!
1 hop, 2 jump...
Cutting skills ! What did you call Bunny?
How many fishes did I catch?
Reading with Rhyme having a great time!
Special school missions arriving everyday from Mum
Ellie's Beautiful Baking!
Sand play. FR
Florence-Rose lovely letter formations!
Sharing a good book- darllen gwych!
Number 3 formations these are terrific!
Nia at 'Mummy School 'Bendigedig!
Number fun at home. Wow!
Ordinal numbers, FR is in 1st place.
Ellie and family woke up Joe! Hurray!
Ellie using her gross motor skills, ffantastig!
Hopscotch is magical.
Chasing the waves! Super physical development.
Growing Things fun.
Pond dipping fun in the sun!
 Digging in the Spring sunshine gwaith gret!
Small world in my beautiful fairy castle.
After the storm there is always a rainbow. Diolch.
Where's Nia ? Can you find Nia?
Outdoor fun, inside! Thank you Florence-Rose
Sand Area learning. Bendigedig!
How many can count?
T for Turtle! EG
Enjoying cuddles with my family HP
Penblwydd hapus!
PL taking her doggie for a walk. Great job!
Amazing art work RP!
Keep stirring the pot. Bendigedig!
Practising our sounds together. Da iawn
A lovely story to share thank you Ellie.
Mae hi'n amser snack!
Outstanding artwork at home!
Gwaith Bendigedig!
The Tigers who came to tea?
Fairy fun in the water FR!
Aww look who came to say hello. Thanks PL.
Excellent pencil control devleoping. Super job!
We're going on a nature walk. What did we find?
When can we visit? Amazing!
We all love these colourful rainbows!
Seren i ti!
Our beautifully balanced ballet dancer FR
Busy washing the car- great job TC!
Who is that swinging in the trees?
Excellent job wearing your helmets. #Safety aware
Keep up the good work!
Gwaith ffantastig rhifo! FR
Gwaith iawn FG!
Being a superstar!
Wow! EH has created a brillant self portrait
How to learn your sound of the Week! NM awesome!
Fairytale Garden - gwaith hyfryd!
Gross motor skills on the trampoline- WOW!
Collecting eggs in the garden.
Yoga Superstar!
Zoo Role Play Fun with FR, brillant fun!
Super Sounds FR!
Great work weeding and clearing TC!
So creative! Da iawn! RP
Y is for Yoga!
Who can find Bearet?.
Halving your lollies! FR
Science fun-Making a volcano! WOW!
Splashing in the waves
Seren i ti TA!
The 'Rainbow Fish' tasks are outstanding! FR
A marvellous moat FR!
Our Outdoor Explorer. PL
Loving your den! A great hiding place.TC
T for terrific Tiger! EG
We love outdoor resources.
Great gardening TC!
Where's HP? Lets ask the Easter bunny.
Parts of a flower FR
Dear Zoo book of the week. FR
Super construction HP!
Ble mae'r PL?
Sandy artwork- super amazing! FR
Outstanding counting to 12 FG!
Pinch, squeeze, roll and bake!
Amazing fitness levels TC!
Superb fine motor skills FR.
Marvellous Measuring FR!
Rolling fine motor skills development.
Colouring corner at home EG
Singing in the .Rain with FR
A beautiful herb and flower display.
Super fun with words, FR!
My learning journey at home HP
FR's obstacle course. Amazing!
Mrs Potato Head. FR
Dolly needed sewing. FR
A Tiger tea party for two. FR
Board games with Mummy. FR
FR can sing a rainbow in Welsh.
Writing ng words.EG
Paw Patrol fun! FR
Making dinner FR!
Reading & Writing ch words. FR
Collecting flowers for others EG
Blending ng words EG.
Sound superstar EG! ng week
Counting back from 10 EG

Sports Day at home 2020. Starring EG and family .

Nursery Class Star of the Week!

Who will be next?


Who will it be next week?

Congratulations EG!
Congratulations FR!
Congratulations BP!
Llongyfarchiadau NM!
Congratulations TC!
Llongyfarchiadau EH!
Congratulations RP!
 Llongyfarchiadau PL!
Congratulations TA!
Llongyfarchiadau NM!
Congratulations CG!
Llongyfarchiadau HP!
Congratulations BB!
Llongyfarchiadau HK!
Congratulations BH!
Llongyfarchiadau EOH!



June 2020 Nursery

Home Learning Tasks


Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks for the Week beginning

Monday 29th June 2020

Please send photos of all your creative tasks to

Your hard work is most appreciated and makes me smile ever time.

Thank you to all our Nursery superstars and their hardworking families.


Language Literacy & Communication



Sound of the Week - ch for chat

ch - Jolly Phonics song

ch - Jolly Phonics song Trains are chugging up the hill, /ch/-/ch/-/ch/, /ch/-/ch/-ch/, Trains are chugging up the hill, /ch/-/ch/-/ch/, /ch/-/ch/-/ch/ Choo,...

Ch Words- Learning Blending for Reading

Looking for fun printable activities? A reading machine to help learn to read words with the 'ch' sound. Phase 3 digraph 'ch'. Wor...

Please choose 2 or 3 of the following tasks to complete to further develop your knowledge of our Sound of the Week.

Book of the Week 29.6.20

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Mathematical Development -29.6.20

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Math's Challenges

Learn to Count with The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

Creative Development 29.6.20

Can you listen carefully to the Hungry Caterpillar's favourite song, 'The Ugly Bug Ball'. He would really like you to join in the words. Can you think of dance moves to accompany the song? You may make mini beast moves, for example flap around like a butterfly to the song. Can you play an instrument to the tune? A homemade instrument will make great fun, perhaps a cup with a lid holding rice to create a shaker. You can then shake along to the tune.

Ugly Bug Ball (Sing Along Songs)

Taken from the Bare Necessities. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as crit...

Knowledge & Understanding of the World


A life cycle of a butterfly

A short video about a life cycle of a butterfly. Voiced by Selin Moon Uluçay and created by Armağan Çıtak.

Personal and Social Development,

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity


Can you help the Hungry Caterpillar to sort the healthy and unhelathy food pictures?

Physical Development -29.6.20

Mini- Beasts Moves

Welsh Development 29.6.20


Colours- Beginner Welsh Lessons for Children

In this Colours lesson from our Beginner Welsh Lessons for Children playlist you will learn 10 Welsh words for colours including blue, red, green, black, whi...

Lliwiau'r enfys (Sing a rainbow)

Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks for the Week beginning

Monday 22nd June 2020


Please send photos of all your creative tasks to

Your hard work is most appreciated and makes me smile ever time.

Thank you to all our Nursery superstars and their hardworking families.


Language Literacy and Communication


Sound of the Week-sh 22.6.20



Phonics 'sh' Words Reading Machine

Book of the Week 22.6.20

The Very Lazy Ladybird

The Very Lazy Ladybird | Ladybug

The Very Lazy Ladybird or The Very Lazy Ladybug by Isobel Finn & Jack Tickle. Read by The Story Teller. #readaloud #StorytimeAnytime

Mathematical Development 22.6.20

Counting Week- backwards and forwards

Counting Backwards from 10 - The Numberniks #3

In this episode, kids will count along to a fun beat with Molly and Fifi, going backwards from 10 to 1. The Numberniks are lovable funky characters who live ...

Five Little Ducks a rhyme to aid counting backwards from 5 for younger Nursery pupils N1

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► One of our favorite kids songs! ""Five little ducks went out one da...

"Ten in the Bed" Counting back from 10 N2 Nursery pupils

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Holes, Spaces and Hiding Places

Science challenge 2

What Lives In A Shell? READ ALOUD!

YOU live in a house. A bird lives in a nest. But do you know animals live in shells??? In this summertime KidTime StoryTime, science and beach meet as we exp...

Creative Development 22.6.20

Welsh Development 



Caru Canu | Heno Heno (Welsh Children's Song)

Hwiangerdd draddodiadol i suo plant bach i gysgu. A traditional Welsh nursery rhyme.

Physical Development


Personal and Social Development,

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity


Folowing on from last week's handwashing song. Please, Can you choose a short fun challenge to complete?

Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks for the Week beginning

Monday 15th June 2020


Please send photos of your tasks to hard work is so appreciated and makes me smile ever time. Thank you to all our families.


Language Literacy and Communication


Sound of the Week qu 15.6.20

Jolly Phonics - qu

How to join.cursive alphabet letters qu

Handwriting animation showing how to join cursive alphabet letters qu. Visit our website at for more tips on joining other cursive...

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to practice your sound qu.

Can you download the free app Art of Glow to practice writing your sound of the week qu in rainbow colours?

Book of the Week 15.6.20

Julia Donaldson performs the One Mole Digging a Hole Song

Watch Julia Donaldson and her husband, Malcolm, perform the One Mole Digging a Hole Song, based on the bestselling picture book with illustrations by Nick Sh...

One Mole Digging a Hole by Julia Donaldson- Read Aloud Children's Book

All the animals are busy lending a hand in the garden in this lively numbers book. Learn Number and enjoy the rhymes

Please choose 1 or 2 of these activities after listening to the book of the week.

Can you sequence and retell the story using the large picture cards?

Can you cut out and order the numbers to 5 and then 10 on a washing line? Remember to check the order by counting and pointing to each number.

Choosy Challenges. Can you choose an activity from the ones below to complete about the book of the week?

Show and Tell



Can you tell us all about a new skill you have learnt during lockdown at home? Please send us a photo, picture or video of your new skill. We are looking forward to finding out all about your new skills. 

Mathematical Development 15.6.20

Money Week

Money Song for Children UK

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! A money song about UK coins for young children. Covers 1p, 2...

Can you sort the coins by colour,size or shape? You can use real coins or the paper ones below.

Can you colour the coins the correct colours?

Can you roll the dice and shout out the name of the coin?You don't need to use all of the dice.

A money fan to aid quick recognition of all GB coins. Using your money fan:.Can you show me 1p? Can you show me 5p?

Physical Development 15.6.20

Please choose 1 of the activities below to complete for your physical challenge this week.

Creative Development 15.6.20

Can you collect a range of natural objects from your garden or during your daily exercise walks?  Please can you use these to create or re-create a piece of mini-beast art like the ones pictured below.Don't forget to share your finished art with us via twitter or send to 

Welsh Development 15.6.20

Can you count along with the video clip? Can you count in Welsh in a big loud voice?

Can you count in Welsh whispering? Can you sing your numbers in Welsh?

Numbers 1 to 10 in Welsh | Welsh Beginner Lessons for Children

In this beginner Welsh lesson you will learn 10 Welsh words for the numbers from one to ten. In the lesson, each word or phrase is shown in Welsh (and Englis...

Personal and Social Development,

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity


Please watch the video clip below and talk about the importance of handwashing for everybody in our community. 


Wash Your Hands Song | Music for Kids | The Singing Walrus

Get the mp3 on Apple, Amazon, or Google Play!

Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks for the Week beginning

Monday 8th June 2020


Please send photos of your tasks to Your hard work is so appreciated and makes me smile ever time. Thank you to all our families.

Language Literacy and Communication


Sound of the Week X x


X Jolly Phonic

Write the letter X | Alphabet Writing lesson for children | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Write the letter X" from our Alphabet Writing Series, an easy and fun video lesson for young kids. Children learn how to write t...

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to practice reading and writing the letter sound x using the correct letter formation.

Can you create a letter sound X xylophone picture?



Book of the Week 8.6.20

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh by Nick Sharratt

My Mum and Dad make me laugh

By Nick Sharratt

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to complete for our book of the week.

Reading skills- High Frequency words

Take a look at these tricky words. These are the ones we cannot sound out we just have to learn to read them on sight and the more we see them the quicker we will read these aloud independently. I know you can do it!

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song Check ou...

Mathematical Development - 8.6.20



Where is it?

A simple video for kids to practice the prepositions on, in and under. Download our songs on iTunes here: Where is it? #2: https://ww...

Please complete 2 or 3 activities below.

Personal and Social Development,

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity 8.6.20

While We Can't Hug

A lovely short story animation to help try and explain to young children the idea of social distancing during these uncertain times. Please see below.

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. From the creators of the internationally adored The Hug, Eoi...

Watch the short animation above and complete the sheet below about friendship.

Welsh Development 8.6.20

Watch the short video clip and say aloud the new Welsh words with your family.

Family members in Welsh | Beginner Welsh Lessons for Children

In this 'Family members in Welsh' vocabulary lesson you will learn the Welsh names for close family including the Welsh words for mother, father, sister, bro...

Physical Development 8.6.20

Boogie Beebies - English - Full Episodes - Gardening

Boogie Beebies is a programme that teaches children a dance (to a short original song). It was originally presented by Nataylia "Nat" Roni and Pete Hillier (...

Creative Development 8.6.20

Can you design a new tie for Dad using 2D shapes?

Can you use different colours to make a stripey pattern on Mum's new socks?


The worksheets below are just for ideas. Please feel free to design your own, as I love all your creative and unique outcomes.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World 8.6.20

Holes, Spaces and Hiding Places

Science challenge.

Language Literacy & Communication

Sound of the Week 'Z' 1.6.20


Jolly Phonics (Group 5 - Letter "Z")

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to practice reading and writing the letter sound z using the correct letter formation.

Show and Tell

Book of the Week 1.6.20

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell



Dear Zoo

'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet . . .' Rod Campbell's classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo has been a firm favourite with toddlers and parents alike ever...

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to complete for our book of the week.

Mathematical Development 1.6.20

Counting Week

Please choose 2 or 3 of the activities below to practice ordering numbers, counting numbers, recognising numbers and writing numbers using the correct formations.  

Number Formation Rhymes

Number formation rhymes for 0 to 10

Physical Development 1.6.20


Z for Zumba!

ZUMBA KIDS - Electronic Song - Minions / Instagram: @dovydaszumba

Welsh Development 1.6.20

Can you name some animals in Welsh?

This short video can help you to learn the names and how to pronounce these new words in Welsh.  

Pets in Welsh | Welsh Beginner Lessons for Children

In this lesson from the Beginner Welsh Lessons for Children playlist you will learn the Welsh for different types of pet animal including the Welsh words for...

Can you cut out the pet pictures and create a poster or small picture book about Welsh animals?

Creative Development (Outdoors)1.6.20


Personal and Social Development, 

Well-Being and Cultural Diversity 1.6.20


Water & Beach Safety Campaign Resources



May Half Term 2020

25th May-29th May

Dear Parents/Carers, 

You should feel so proud of the amazing learning journey, you are continuing to support at home,whilst juggling so many other new challenges. We cannot thank you enough for all your positivity,creativity and dedication.There will be no new activities posted this week as you will be enjoying your Half Term holidays. Please stay safe and we will see back here on June 1st 2020Please keep sharing your wonderful work with your Teachers and friends. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact Mrs Lewis via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a lovely Half Term!

Missing you all lots and hoping to see you all soon.


Mrs Lewis 

Nursery Class Home Learning Tasks May 2020




Nursery Class May Monthly Challenges#1

Choose any of the following to complete as a family.

Nursery Class Self-Portraits 

You all look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing and keep them coming please.

Diolch RP!
Diolch EH!
Diolch FR!

Nursery Class May Family Challenge #2


Nursery Class Family Challenge#3


Can you create a salt dough handprint decoration?

Instructions for how to create a salt dough handprint decoration.

Kindness Week - Nursery Class Family

Challenge #4


Kindness Week Family Hearts to Share

Knowledge and Understanding of the World



How to Make a Rainbow Sensory Bottle

Make a rainbow discovery bottle with hair gel and liquid watercolors. This rainbow sensory bottle is the perfect activity to study rainbows, St. Patrick's Da...

Sound of the Week for 18.5.20

Sound W for worm

W Jolly Phonic

Instructions and resources for building CVC words containing sound W

Shape Week 18.5.20

Mister Maker's Arty Party: Shapes Dance! | ZeeKay Junior

It's everyone's favourite dancing shapes! Sing along and see if you can guess what they're making this time. Did you like this video? If you did, remember to...

2D Shape Activites

Please choose 1 or 2 of the following activites to complete after watching the shape video.



Shape Fan resources. These are aimed at Early Years pupils and help to recognise and name basic 2D shapes. They are also a good visual aid to help teach properties of shape for example properties such as number of sides and corners.

Mathematical Development Apps


Physical Development

W is for wiggling!

Can you wriggle and wiggle along with

Mr Tumble? 


Mr Tumble Songs | There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden 🐛

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special to this nursery rhyme, There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden! For more songs from Mr Tumble try this...

Book of the Week for 18.5.20

The Tiger Who Came to

by Judith Kerr

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Book of the Week Activities


Can you colour all the things you will need for a tea party?

Can you create an invitation to send to your toys and family for your tea party?

Can you lay the table for tea or layout a picnic? How many plates do you need? How many spoons? How many cups? Remember to count everything.

Can you use the cards to retell the story in your own words?

Can you choose your favourite character from the story and tell a grown up about why you like them?

Can you draw a healthy snack for the Tiger to share with Sophie?

CBeebies: Something Special - I'm a Little Tea Pot - Nursery Rhyme

Sign and sing-a-long with Mr Tumble to I'm a Little Tea Pot. Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your ...

Sound of the Week for 11.5.20


Sound y for yak.

FREE - Useful phonic and letter formation apps to download for iphone and android devices.

Hairy Monster letters app
Baby Joy Joy ABC app
Hooked on phonics App
Phonics Genius app
Read with phonics

Handwriting Resources

Please find some useful handwriting activities below to help develop letter formation and pencil control skills.

Maths May Measuring Missions

Resources for Measuring Mission - Animal sorting cards

Physical Development- Y for Yoga


Early Years Reading Resources

Parent Video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons. Click here to download our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons Schedule: form our we...

Read Write Inc.Resources

Read Write Inc. is a phonics programme used at Whitestone Primary to teach reading, writing and spelling. 

Read Write Inc Flashcards Speed Sounds Set 1. A set of flashcards that can be used daily to help develop knowledge of letter names and sounds.

Read Write Inc Letter Formation Rhymes

Read Write Inc. Ditties are a set of simple stories that can be read together or independently once your child knows all of their speed sounds set 1

Book of the Week 11/5/20

30 Day Reading Challenge- Let's try some together.

Numicon Week

Numicon: Matching the shapes | Oxford Owl

Making patterns with Numicon shapes makes learning maths at home fun! Claire from playHOORAY! shows us a simple activity to help your child with matching sha...

Left handed number line resource

Adding with dice task

Sound of the Week for 4.5.20


Sound V for van

Book of the Week 4/5/20

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Activities- Choose one of the following fun tasks to complete after listening to the story.

VE DAY Celebrations colouring and decorations

Our new Cornerstones topic will be : Holes,Spaces & Hiding Places


APRIL 2020

Nursery Class Learning Tasks for the Week Beginning 27.4.20

Rainy Day Outdoor Choosy Challenges for Week beginning 27.4.20

Physical Development Challenge of the Week 27.4.20

Knowledge and Understanding of the World -Science task.

Number Activities for the Week beginning 27.4.20

Show and Tell 27.4.20

Read Write Inc Sound of the Week Activity Grid

Nursery Class Home Learning Task for the Week Beginning 20.4.20

Nursery Choosy Challenges for Week beginning 20.4.20

QR code books to share

Welsh Tidy Up Song Words for Nursery Class

April Weekly Challenges

Sound of the Week e for week beginning 23.3.20

Nursery Class Resources for the Week Beginning 6th April 2020

Please choose 3 or 4 of these learning tasks to complete over the next two weeks. If you can send a photo or drawing to Mrs Lewis on and I will promise to get back to you.



Sound of the Week h for week beginning 6.4.20


MARCH 2020

Dear Nursery Class,


We hope you are all enjoying the Spring sunshine and keeping well. As part of your home challenges we would like you to:


* Spend time with the people you love at home

* Do the things you enjoy (eg Dressing up)

* Make food you love (including mud pies)

* Watch your favourite programme or film

* Make somebody laugh or smile

* Paint the rainbow

* Do something nice for somebody else

* Build a den for you and your Teddy

* Play with your toys and tidy them up



We have also put together some sound of the week activities and number tasks for you to complete over the next few weeks. Please see links below. You are most welcome to send your tasks to Mrs Lewis on email at and I can share these photos or outcomes on our website or Twitter page.

We have  included some links to useful websites for gardening activities and suitable reading books below. We really hope you find these useful.


 and finally...


come back to school ready to learn more, we miss you all!


Sound of the Week l for week beginning 30.3.20

Read Write Inc. letter formation sheet for parents.

Numbers to 10 actvity books

2D shape Easter Chick task

Local Library News

Oh no! Weekly Challenges for Nursery Class

Welsh App resources for Foundation Phase Pupils

Letter formation sensory booklets

Spring Term - Cornerstones Topic - Dragon Tales

Croeso i Meithrin

Nursery Spring Gallery -Writing our Sound of the Week b

Counting Pancakes