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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to the home page of Year 2 at

Whitestone Primary School, West Cross, Swansea. 


The Year 2 staff this year are:

Mr Whitehouse, Mrs Croall and Mrs Dawson.




MARCH 2020


Hi Year 2, 

                We hope you are all well and enjoying the Spring sunshine. We have put together some reading books and maths activities for each child on this website:

Pupils will need to use their username, password and school code to log in to these and can obtain them by emailing Mrs Croall or Mr Whitehouse at the following addresses:


There are two information sheets you can download below to explain how the Bug Club (reading books) and Abacus (maths activities and games) schemes work.

Any problems please email and we can try to sort them out as we have been having a few technical difficulties !


We have also listed some more ideas for activities and useful websites below the information sheets.


Bug Club (Reading) and Abacus (maths) information sheets to download

Here are some more ideas for literacy activities:


- create an interview with a fairytale character. Think of 5 questions you would like to ask them beginning with Who/When/Where/What/How/Why etc. and then invent their answers. Remember CAPITAL letters, question marks and full stops. 

- design a plan for an alternative fairytale story. Download the planner below to help you. 

- create a comic strip with a scene from a fairytale (download the format below) and include speech bubbles. Remember capitals, full stops and question marks.

- write some instructions to explain how to make your favourite sandwich. Download the planner to help you.


Here are some more ideas for numeracy activities:


- adding coin values. Choose 3 coins and then work out all the different totals you could make using combinations of those 3 coins. Try 4 and 5 coins to challenge yourself. Write them as addition sums (2p + 5p + 5p = 12p).

- working out change from 10p, 20p, 50p or even £1 or £2. Make price tags for some of your toys. Then choose one to buy and choose a coin to pay for it. Work out the change. 

(Count on to the next 10s number first). Write it as a subraction (50p - 43p = 7p). 

Can you work out which coins to give as change too ?

- adding two and three one-digit numbers as quickly as possible. Make number cards 0 to 10 and then pick three. Work out the totals quickly. How many can you complete in a minute ?

- measuring in centimetres. Use a ruler and find five objects in the house measuring 10 cm. Why not try and measure the length of 5 objects in the fridge ? 


  You can download number lines or a 100 square to help you.


Here is an Art and Craft idea too:


- draw or make a rainbow and display it in your window at home. You could draw, paint or make a collage of a rainbow and even add some clouds at either end. Children are making and displaying rainbows all over the country in order to brighten up people's days during these difficult times.




Rainbow Art

Rainbow Art 1
Useful websites
Meet The Teacher Presentation

Foundation Phase Outcomes

Here you can download the Foundation Phase Outcomes (in Microsoft Publisher format) to view the outcome descriptors for:

Language, Literacy and Communication, 

Mathematical Development and

Personal and Social Development, Well-being & Cultural Diversity.

These are the three areas in which your child will be assessed by their teachers during the year and the outcomes will be stated on your child's annual report next July. We hope you will find this information useful.

Welly Wednesdays ,      P.E. Kits - Thursdays ,     Homework Set - Thursdays

                                                                                                    (to be handed in on Mondays)

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