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Introducing the Christmas Concert Superstars! Now starring in 'Little Angel Finds His Wings!' A Must See Production!

Outdoor Number formations

Visiting Port Eynon for an extra special lunch at the Seafarer.

Foundation Phase and JSTF classes working with local artist Sara Holden building sand sculptures.

F Phase and JSTF - Visit Horton lifeboat station

Outdoor challenges in the 'Mwd Cegin'.

Foundation Phase visit Croeso Lounge to learn about food hygiene and making tapas.

Foundation Phase visit to Oystermouth Library to celebrate World Book Day 2018

R/Year 1 took the krongelidong for a walk in Write Dance to develop our fine motor skills.

Health and Fitness Week in the Foundation Phase

We had fun skipping with our skipping ropes!
Mr Trundle came to talk about health and fitness.
Lee Trundle skipped for 1 minute and challenged us
We have pledged to run 1K everyday!
Off we go!
Keep on running!
Mr Trundle came to visit all the classes.
The rain did not stop us keeping fit
We love keeping healthy.
Article 28: Our right to learn and come to school.
I can skip!!!!!!

Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work.

Zoo Lab visits the Foundation Phase!

Reception/Year 1 2018 Foundation Phase photos

Learning about the importance of hand washing after handling pets.

Nursery and Reception 2017

Looking for  our reflections in puddles.
Woodland number walk.
We're going on a puddle walk!
Floating and sinking using natural objects.
Adding items found outdoors. Bendigedig!
We can match numbers to 10.
We love to dance!
Chinese New Year Celebrations.
Sound of the week!
I am making a scrumptious dinner for my friend.
Which holds most?
Marking making using a range of tools.
Capacity tasks are fun!
Christmas Superstars!
Careful observations.
Can you build a a tower taller than you?
Ordering Numicon. How high can you go?
Which is half full?
That feeling when you grasp the idea!
Small world, big traffic jam!
We love reading in our book corner.
Christmas Superstars!
Little Angels
Which is the shortest?
Science is fun!