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Autumn Term 2019

Our topic this term is 'Happiness'.smileysmileysmileysmiley

This  has a PSD, WB & CD focus and teaches children about the importance of happiness, health, well-being and celebrations. We will be writing a range of texts including explanation texts, recounts, stories and invitations. We will also be setting up our role play area (Caffi Dawnsio) to practise lots of oracy and listening activities as well as dealing with money. Eventually we will be planning, preparing and organising a ‘Happy Day’ with our classmates and friends.
In this project we are going to learn:

 •    How to understand and appreciate our own feelings and the   feelings of others;

•    How to eat healthily and how this affects your well being;

•    How to keep safe and how being safe keeps us happy and well;

•    How to describe emotions and feelings through drama, dance, art and music;

•    About significant happy life events that are celebrated;

•    How to collect information in a variety of ways, including    photography, art, music, reading, ICT and writing;

•    How to present information in an interesting way.