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Autumn Term 2020

Here We Are - Whole School Topic (September)


To welcome the children back to Whitestone, the whole school has focused on the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. 

In Reception and Year 1, we have:

  • Discussed different emotions - what do they look like? What colour do they remind us of? What makes us feel that way?
  • Discussed what our favourite thing to do is and drawn a picture - what makes us happy?
  • Discussed what we look like - what do our faces look like? How tall are we? What are bones and how do they help us move? 
  • Discussed how to keep our bodies healthy - what should we eat and why? What should we not eat a lot of and why? What is good for us to drink?
  • Discussed what our bodies can do - can we stand on one leg? How fast can we run? Can we climb over a gymnastics horse safely? Can we throw and catch a ball?
  • Discussed how wonderful it is to go outside and be surrounded by nature - what can we make with outdoor materials? What can we see, touch, smell and hear? What animals and insects live outside? What can we build outside? 

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Community Explorers - Cornerstones Topic


This term, we will be learning about our community - West Cross.


In class, we have created a "Community Corner" by setting up a miniature West Cross, including a Spar shop, a post office and the Rag & Bone cafe. We will change the pop-up role plays to resemble other important features in our community. 


We have discussed what 'community' means and how we are all different and unique


We have drawn our homes using ICT - Reception children used an iPad and children in Year 1 used jit on their Hwb accounts. 


This week, the children have made cardboard models of their houses and they will be displayed in our corridor. We have been learning about odd and even numbers so we will be numbering our houses and placing them onto "Even Street" and "Odd Avenue".


We have also learned the names of 2D and 3D shapes to make models of houses. 

Our Class Community - "We are all different."

Croeso i'r West Cross - Our Community Corner

Painting fireworks by learning the Welsh colours

Making models of our houses - "Even Street and Odd Avenue"