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Autumn Term 2021 - Changes

Theme of Change

In the Autumn Term, the Badgers were looking at the theme of "Changes". As a class we enjoy using pupil voice to decide what we will be doing. The pupils were very enthusiastic and engaged when suggesting the topics such as Dinosaurs, changes in materials and Climate Change. Just to name a few!



We looked at the Change of Dinosaurs over a few weeks. We learned about the characteristics and features of different species. As well as their unlikely descendant...BIRDS! We were even became archaeologists and dug out our own dinosaurs and identified them!


Changes in Materials

The pupils conducted a Science investigation to see if materials were reversible or not. They wanted to see how heating, burning and mixing materials could change their original state. For example, we melted chocolate in our palms, mixed flour and water and burned wood.


Climate Change

This aspect of the topic was very relevant as the Climate Change conference of COP26 was happening at the time. The pupils were very passionate so we did a large cross-curricular element which lasted several weeks. For literacy, we looked at the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals in detail, which then lead us onto a non-chronological report. Within humanities, we conducted experiments of the erosion of limestone. In addition, we also did a physical demonstrations of the greenhouse effect whilst looking at chemical formula and each greenhouse gas. In the expressive arts, we looked at several climate change artists such as Jody Thomas and Banksy which inspired very detailed pieces of work.


As a team, we have made every effort to make lessons cross-curricular to ensure engagement. Whilst emphasising skills and introducing new and relevant knowledge to the pupils.

The pupils have had opportunities of Physical Education sessions on Thursday afternoons with Mr Whitehouse which have allowed pupils to concentrate on discipline, targeted skills and enjoyment of sports.


Additional Opportunities

Throughout this term, we have had the pleasure of having Miss Mainwaring to teach the pupils musical skills through "Toots". The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which consisted of being introduced to wood wind instruments, and being able to play "Carol of the Bells" was an excellent achievement.


Star Student

The Star Student reward scheme has been created by Miss Maggs to be a representation of the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales. The pupils need to show they are being ambitious, creative, ethical and making good choices for a full week. If they achieve this award they will get a coloured wrist band of their choosing and photo of congratulations on our school twitter account to show family and friends. Star Student is an excellent achievement and everyone to reach!