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Autumn Term 2021 - Changes

Our termly topic is


This term we will be exploring materials around us and their properties and conducting scientific experiments, learning how to keep our investigations fair. We will also be exploring Earth's place in our Solar System, learning about the other planets and the Moon. We will be reading and finding out about climate change and its effects on our animals and environment and thinking of ways that we can help.

We will also be setting up a weather station and recording and analysing the weather data during a month. 

In literacy lessons we will be concentrating on our reading skills, having regular Read, Write, Inc group reading sessions. We will be writing poems such as wind kennings and recipe poems, stories about the environment, weekly diaries, protest letters and instructions. We will also be learning about how to use speech marks in our writing.

In numeracy lessons we will be concentrating on number work - adding and subtracting, place value, doubling and halving, comparing and ordering numbers, use of money and change as well as weekly addition/subtraction speed tests. In addition to this, we will be learning about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, telling the time, measuring weights and lengths as well as data handling and creating tally charts, bar charts and even line graphs.  

We will also be having weekly violin lessons, weekly outdoor learning activities (Welly Wednesdays), regular PE sessions (gymnastics, yoga, dance, ball skills), as well as practising our Welsh language skills through 'Slot ddrilio'. In creative arts sessions we will be exploring weather artwork and abstract art, focusing on Picasso.

Below is a slideshow of some examples of our work this term, including Picasso artwork, leaf prints, colour mixing wheels, wax resist weather artwork and some of our recipe poems. We hope you enjoy the slideshow.