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Whitestone Home Learning 2020

Whitestone's Baking BERT Challenge - What we have made at home

Useful Websites to use at home

  • Hwb (User name and passwords needed) 

  • Active Learn (User name, password and school code (9lgw) needed) 

  • Top Marks – Interactive games 

  • BBC Bitesize 

  • Nrich Maths – Maths problem solving

  • Twinkl – free Year group packs available if you join for a month (free)

  • Primary Resources

  • Multiplication Games 

  • Penpals Handwriting

  • Interactive Phonics Games 

  • Welsh language activities

Useful Apps to use at home - Suitable for Foundation Phase, KS2 and developing Welsh language (Please scroll across to see the list)

Whitestone Bert Challenges May 2020

Bert and your teachers have created some challenges for you! Please watch our video and see if you can find out the answers.

Diolch Mrs Cooze, Pam and Mrs Rees for your lovely signs!

1) Can you help Steve find Bert? How many times can you see Bert in the pictures?
2) Mrs Kissick would like to know: how many Gower beaches can you name?
3) Mrs Clatworthy would like you to find out: what colours are the hoops on the Rainbow Jersey awarded to World Champions in cycling?
4) Mr White challenges you to create your favourite teacher on a hard boiled egg - tweet or email us your pictures!
5) Miss Griffiths would like you to find out who are the famous Welsh people and mascots.
6) Mrs Dawson is in the woods again - do you know what flowers she found? Do you recognise what woods she is in?
7) Mrs Green needs help naming all of the characters - can you help her?
8) Mrs Lewis has been baking - how many Numicon biscuits did she bake? Can you spot any odd or even numbers?
9) Can you answer Miss James' riddle?
I'm usually green and brown; Rain helps me to live longer; I am a home for a bird; Children love to climb me. What am I?
10) Mrs Morgan would like to know how many skips you can do in a miunute - with or without a skipping rope! (Challenge: How many seconds are in a minute?)
11) Can you see what plants has Mrs Fletcher been growing?
12) Mr Nevis has been hiding in his garden - can you spot where he is?
13) Mrs Evans has been sat in her garden enjoying the stars - what did she see? What can you tell Mrs Evans about Venus?
14) Miss Tanner has been riding her bike for her daily exercise - can you recognise where she is? What two animals she see? (Hint: She is somewhere in Swansea!)
15) Can you guess the names of Mrs Jones' two cats?
16) Mr Whitehouse has lived in many different places - but do you know where? Do you recognise any of the flags?
17) Mrs Price has been playing Hide and Seek in the garden with her children and their Ty teddies - how many can you see hiding in the tree?
18) Mrs Stote has been growing flowers in her garden - can you identify what they are called? Have you been growing anything in your gardens? Tweet or email us pictures!
19) Mrs Croall rode 100 miles on her bike in the back garden to raise money for the NHS - how long did it take her? She rode at 16mph. (WOW, Mrs Croall - da iawn!)
20) Mrs Allard has been singing at home - can you sing 'I can sing a rainbow'? Can you sing it in Welsh?
21) Mrs Johns has daisies in her back garden! How many words can you make from these letters?
22) Miss Hughes has been practising handstands in her garden - bendigedig! Can you do a handstand? If so, how long can you hold it for? (You could ask an adult or older sibling to help you balance)
23) Miss Allen has been running along the beach for her daily exercise - do you live near a beach? How far can you run on the beach? If not, how many laps of your garden can you do?
24) Mrs Allan has been writing poems at home - can you write an acrostic poem about Whitestone?
25) Can you guess where Miss Mathias is? How old do you think the building is that she's holding?
26) Mrs Crocker has been creating food rainbows - how many foods can you see in her edible rainbow?
27) Miss Burns always enjoys seeing your creative work - can you show her the rainbows that you've made to show support for the key workers? Tweet or email us pictures!
28) Mrs Rushton has been walking her dog for her daily exercise - can you guess what breed of dog Bella is?
29) Mrs Peterson would like to know how many number 9s there are between 1 and 100?
30) Look at the emojis that Mrs Lewis has created of all the staff at Whitestone - can you guess who's who?

We hope that you have enjoyed our video!
Thank you for watching! Diolch yn fawr!

Please tweet or email us with our pictures - we will upload the answers soon!