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Spring Term 2022 - Wonderful World

A Wonderful world

The pupils were over the moon to discover our new topic! We listened to the timeless classic of "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, and really looked into the lyrics and their meaning to generate new ideas. The pupils wanted to learn about the 7 Ancient Wonders, local history and Geography surrounding the different countries around the globe.


7 Ancient Wonders of the World

This topic has been incredibly engaging so far, as many pupils have all sorts of prior knowledge to share. We have spent a lot of time working on independence and being able to identify untrustworthy and biased websites. This was an excellent opportunity to practise these skills to ensure a detailed and fully-formed piece of writing. The pupils are currently working towards their non-chronological report surrounding this topic.


Local Welsh History

The pupils are very passionate about their heritage and culture but wanted to know more about the Wales which their ancestors grew up in. Therefore, we have been looking at the stories of the local author, Grafton Maggs. He is a local character and the grandfather of Miss Maggs, which has allowed us exclusive access to what his life was like for a child growing up in World War 2. The pupils have spend time writing and recording interview questions which Mr Maggs will be able to answer. In addition, many of the pupils were interested in his painted of the Swansea Blitz which Mr Maggs painted whilst on Mumbles Hill in 1941. So the pupils created their own versions using pastels and charcoal to create amazing effects of smoke and fire.


World Geography.

Many of the pupils are very enthusiastic about map work and geography and are very excited to share their knowledge. When looking at Owain Glyndwr and Welsh Castles, we spend some time looking at a medival map of Wales and the Welsh Kingdoms which existed at the time. The pupils were even able to compare them.

The Badgers teaching team have spent a lot of time putting together an interactive world map display were pupils have very kindly brought in photos from days out and holidays. This has allowed the pupil to have ownership and pride towards this display.


Additional Opportunities

Swimming lessons - Wednesday AM. Please bring a swimming costume, towel and a spare pair of underwear. (Hairbrush optional) No deodorants. (Year 6 only)


Wellbeing Afternoons - Every Friday Afternoon


Rugby Sessions - 13th January and 27th January [27th CANCELLED]


Cycling Sessions - 31st January and 3rd February (Year 6 only) The pupils will need a helmet, a road-worthy bike, appropriate clothing. They must have the ability to ride unaided.